J. E. Bell & Co.
J. E. Bell & Co. remains dedicated to offering personal service to all of our clients.  You will talk to an actual person on the phone and will only have to leave a voicemail message if the office is closed. 

Our clients feel secure knowing that we are honest people never overselling our products, but wanting to make sure each client is insured properly.
J. E. Bell started the insurance agency in 1937 focusing on delivering personal service to each and every client.  His motto back in 1937 was "We write all types of insurance" which continues to remain our focus. 

In 1967 upon his death, his daughter, Dudley Bell Pate, became the agent.  Mrs. Pate was the first female local recording agent in the State of Texas to own and operate an agency.  Her drive and determination has built her father's business and has shown her clients that the type of personal service offered remains as it was in 1937.

In 1983, J. E. Bell's granddaughter and Dudley Pate's daughter, Susan Pate Armand, joined the business.  Upon Dudley's death in 2007, Susan took over the agency.

Three generations of experience offers our clients security in our abilities, knowledge and services.
J. E. Bell & Co.